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WFC @ Clinton Public School District


The Clinton Public School District Before School Program runs daily from 7:00AM to 8:30AM. The After School Program runs from dismissal until 6PM. 


A drop-in registration allows your child to attend the Program on an occasional basis. All drop-in students must be registered, and notification must be given in advance by emailing Drop ins are billed at $30/day for Before School and $40/day for After School.


Tuition is due on the 20th of each month, for the following month's services.

At the time of registration, the following are due:
1.The annual, non-refundable registration fee ($40/child or $60/family) - due immediately
2.The security deposit equivalent to approx. one month's tuition including fees/discounts (applied to your June's tuition) - due by July 20th
3.The first month's tuition - due by August 20th

If you are registering after the above listed dates, all of the above is due at time of registration.

Before School Monthly Tuition Rates:

7:00 am
1 Day/Wk $70
2 Days/Wk $75
3 Days/Wk $80
4 Days/Wk $85
5 Days/Wk $90


After School Monthly Tuition Rates:

2023-2024 4pm 5pm 6pm
1 Day/Wk $130 $152      $173    
2 Days/Wk $152 $173 $196
3 Days/Wk $173 $196      $217     
4 Days/Wk $184       $206 $238
5 Days/Wk $196 $217       $260
2024-2025 4pm 5pm 6pm
1 Day/Wk $143       $167       $190     
2 Days/Wk $167 $190 $215
3 Days/Wk $190 $215 $238
4 Days/Wk $220 $244 $267
5 Days/Wk $256 $280 $304


For more information see the Clinton Public School District Child Care Handbook. Program inquiries and questions may be directed to the CPS after care staff. 


The Before school program is low-key, providing simple activities and games to engage the students. Children are not allowed to go to their classrooms during this time. 

The After school program typically runs as follows:

3:00pm-3:10pm Attendance - All students will come to the After Care “home-base” at dismissal time. The Child Care staff does not pick up children at their classrooms. Attendance is then taken.
3:15pm- 4:00pm  Clubs - Students select from a variety of clubs including Sports Club, Craft Club, Chef Club, Builders Club, Music and Movement Club.
4:00pm  Snack and Homework Club - Students eat a snack consisting of juice/water, protein, carb, fruit and vegetables in All Purpose Room. The students will be split up based on grade into different homework clubs.
5:00pm- 6:00pm  Choice Clubs - Book Club, Music Club, Art Club and Theater Club.

*Schedule is subject to change without notice at the discretion of the Child Care Director and Staff. 

IMPORTANT: There is NO NURSE available during the Before or After Care Programs. Therefore, there will be no distribution of medications to students. Also, students may not self-administer medications, except in the case of asthma inhalers or emergency epi-pens. Medical permission must be on file in the school nurse’s office, and a copy must be provided to Child Care. Students must also be fully toilet trained in order to attend either program.

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